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What is a Chiller and How is it Used?

So you might be wondering, 'What exactly is a chiller?' Essentially, a chiller is a machine that removes heat from liquid. This resulting liquid can then be circulated through a heat exchanger to cool air or industrial equipment. It is commonly used in an industrial setting to cool areas that are liable to be excessively hot due to machinery. There are a large variety of chillers designed for a variety of functions.
Chillers are implemented in industrial facilities as a way to cool the water used in their heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning units. In industrial settings where equipment produces excessive heat, round-the-clock chiller operation is vital to prevent sensitive equipment from overheating.
One example of an industry that requires chillers is a data center. Data centers produce considerable heat due to having a large number of servers operating in close proximity to one another. WIthout the use of a chiller the heat would reach levels that would damage the equipment causing data loss and server malfunctions.
Chillers require the consumption of a large amount of energy. With this in mind, manufacturers have begun designing chillers that significantly improve power utilization. For example, new bearingless chiller designs reduce power consumption by eliminating the friction previously caused by designs that required bearings. Also, smaller systems have benefited from new ‘smart’ technologies that rapidly turn a chiller's compressor off and on, allowing it to adjust its working capacity depending on the workload.
With these recent advancements in chiller technology, replacing a chiller can greatly reduce your energy costs, allowing businesses to save significant amounts of money on the operating cost of their chiller.
Chiller services such as Technical Hot and Cold can design customized systems specifically catered to your needs. Additionally, they provide professional installation, regular scheduled maintenance, repairs, and part replacements. They provide in-house repairs, as well as the option to ship chiller equipment for repair in their warehouse facility. Their certified technicians can run quality tests to ensure that you system is running at its peak efficiency.
Contact Technical Hot and Cold today for more information about chillers. Their extensive collection of chiller manuals allows them to service and provide technical support for any type of chiller.

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