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How Long Should an Industrial Chiller Last?

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Industrial chillers are essentially large refrigeration systems that are used to dehumidify and cool commercial and industrial spaces. As you can imagine, systems like this certainly aren’t cheap, so if you’re an owner of an industrial or commercial facility and you’re in need of an industrial chiller, it’s understandable that you’d want to want to have as accurate of an expectation as possible of its lifespan in order to know whether you’re making the right investment. 


In general, an industrial chiller should run well for roughly 25 years as long as it receives the proper care and maintenance. In a similar manner as home air conditioners, industrial chillers come in a variety of sizes to suit facilities both small and expansive. And as with a home AC unit, the lifespan of an industrial chiller depends on how often it is used and how hard it needs to work to cool facility. One of the best ways to ensure you get the full lifespan out of the chiller your purchase is to be certain it is the right size for your space. If it is either too large or too small, it won’t run as efficiently as it should, which can dramatically decrease its lifespan.


Limiting the usage of the chiller when possible will also help you get the most life out of it. The best way to stay on top of the usage is to pay close attention to the chiller’s control panel and always double check that it’s not set to turn on when the building is closed and no workers are present. 


If you’re shopping for a chiller for your industrial space, look no farther than the expert team at Technical Hot and Cold. We are committed to providing comprehensive service for all of your chiller repair and maintenance needs, and we can help you find the perfect chiller for your space to ensure that you and your business don’t waste money. Contact us today!



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